When it comes to work, what if there was someone you could talk to about ANYTHING?

Where NOTHING is off the table? And where you can get ideas and feedback that are immediate, direct and actionable?
And what if you could freshen and expand your perspective within a supportive network of professionals from other organizations?
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Now you can!

Are you looking to broaden your impact as a leader?

Do you need to accelerate collaboration on your team?

Are you a builder or a change agent?

This program is perfect for you!

Join the Advisor on Call Mastermind Group now
and accelerate your career. 

Here's what you get:

One monthly 60-minute Zoom call (recorded in case you can't make it live) where I'll:

  • Deliver a mini-talk on a topic relevant to work and careers today; and
  • Conduct in-the-moment coaching on a topic of your choice with as many participants as possible, time permitting (think of it as "office hours" with your professional spotter).

A private membership portal where you'll discover:

  • Curated resources on topics relevant to the group (articles, tools, exercises, videos, etc.);
  • Targeted discussion topics for sharing ideas, feedback and best practices; and
  • Opportunities to network, make new friends from other organizations and support each other.

It's kind of like group therapy, but better!

Why? Because we don't just talk about roadblocks. We reframe challenges, build new skills, and create opportunities so everyone can get to and stay at the top of their game.
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"I love this group coaching environment and highly recommended others to join. As a member of a fully distributed workforce, it’s been so helpful to me to have the support and soundboarding of this group of colleagues along with Tracy’s expert perspective and experience." — Natalie B.

Go further faster with an experienced coach and a community that's invested in YOU!

  • Membership for 6 months in the Advisor on Call Mastermind Group for $357. (That's less than you pay for your gym membership!)
  • Add one 45-minute one-on-one coaching session with me per month on a topic of your choice for only $1,797 (to be scheduled within the 6-month membership period). Why should you have to pay what the most senior execs are investing while you're still on your way up? 
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Meet Your Guide

Tracy Benson, Certified Executive Coach

I’ve coached senior executives in Fortune 250 & 500 companies for 30+ years with a focus on identifying and eliminating their blind spots so they can achieve at the highest levels — while unearthing innovative ways to lean into their strengths for even greater impact. I’ve also advised leaders and managers in some of the world’s leading companies as well as mid-sized market-leaders and non-profits, enabling them and their teams to foster candid communication, drive toward shared goals and skillfully navigate change. These experiences, and along with my leadership roles at KPMG, American Express and Towers Perrin, have informed my deep understanding and passion for people, business, strategy and outcomes.

As a coach, my superpower is helping you reframe circumstances, challenges and opportunities in ways that allow you to activate your personal power to learn, grow and take immediate and meaningful action.

What will we talk about?

You'll decide! Based on  the needs and interests of the group, topics may include:

  • The 5 most important things to do during your first 90-days in a new role
  • 3 key ways to Make Change Suck Less
  • 5 Must Do practices to stand out at work + 2 Must Not Dos
  • 5 ways to identify – and eliminate – your blind spots at work
  • Measuring your impact — why and how
  • 3 ways to instantly make your work more engaging (that's our job, not theirs!)
  • The difference between burnout and fatigue, and why it matters
  • 3 important signs of burnout
  • Feedback: How to get it and how to give
  • Do you work to live or live to work — and can you do both?

Invest in yourself, your career

and your quality of life today!

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