Embark on a Mind-Blowing Adventure over 4 Days!

Hi there, curious mind!

Welcome to the Mind Mastery Workshop Experience — your backstage pass to the wild, wonderful world between your ears. Buckle up for a VIP tour of your mind and how it filters, perceives, and communicates information ... and makes decisions that become life-long beliefs. All that and more during 4 one-hour Zoom sessions.


What's in Store:

  • Deep Dive Vibes: We're going behind the curtain to examine at the operating system running your unconscious mind.
  • NLP Magic: Ever wished your brain came with a manual? Well, now it does. We're handing you the keys to some powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools. Consider it your mind's mini cheat sheet.
  • Hands-On Practice: Expect less "sit and listen" and more "roll up your sleeves and get in there." Because now that you know what's in there, don't you want to play around with the grey matter a little bit? 
  • Live Demos: It's not just talk, talk, talk; it's action. Volunteer or watch other participants reveal blind spots that'll make you go, "Aha!"
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Why Join the Mind Mastery Workshop Experience?

  • Brain Buffet: We're serving up a smorgasbord of mind-bending insights. Get ready to feast on knowledge that'll shift the way you see and hear things forever.
  • Expert Guidance: Meet Tracy Benson, a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach and Practitioner, Somatic Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner and Certified Executive Coach… and your trusty guide bringing years of experience— and passion all for you.
  • Virtual Community: Connect with like-minded explorers in a supportive space. Share stories, swap strategies, and cheer each other on— it's like a group chat for your brain.
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When & Where:

  • Dates: Monday, February 5 to Thursday, February 8, 2024
  • Time: Noon to 1pm EST
  • Duration: 60 mins per session (because we respect your time!)
  • Location: Zoom (you’ll get the link once you take the leap)

Your Investment:

Secure your spot for just $37 – or about a week’s worth of fancy lattes! Think of it as an investment in your mental real estate. We promise the ROI is off the charts.

Want More?

Add a private 45-minute coaching session to go deeper and get personal on a topic of your choice for only $97 (a $450 value)!

Ready to Rock Your Mind?

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